Web Software Development

Build your robust and scalable system

We are building robust and scalable web-based solutions that will make your business fly.

 We are progressing hand in hand with you on understanding your business needs and their transformation to find a piece of software.

You get a full end-to-end web-based solution. The Stanga1 team will support you throughout all the development phases.
You will benefit from Stanga1’s cross-industrial expertise and wide technological portfolio.

Web Software Development-Stanga1


Benefits of choosing

Web Software Development


You focus on your business ideas,
while we bring them on the web

Talented experts available ad-hoc


Fast turn around
and kick-off

Process workflow

Project requirements

Project plan and methodology

Estimation of budget and timeline

Project team assignment

Development kick-off

Project delivery and continuous improvement

You have a specific idea
or project in mind?

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