Stanga1: Let’s explore new opportunities at #DTS23!

Futurism, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, social
media and more set to take place at Ireland’s largest tech conference on May 31 and June 1, 2023

Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) Europe’s Fastest Growing Tech Festival, is a two-day conference that sits at the heart of the international tech scene. As one of the world’s most active technology hubs, Dublin has become the EMEA base for some of the biggest global tech companies, and over the last 7 years, DTS has emerged as one of Europe’s fastest-growing B2B tech events.

Stanga1 at DTS 2023

Attending DTS 2023 was a truly exceptional experience for anyone interested in startups, tech, and innovations. The event brings together a diverse range of participants from various industries amid an everchanging tech ecosystem, creating a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere. While the ongoing slowdown is causing prolonged uncertainty, the rapid development of AI and the move toward sustainability, are presenting opportunities for many industries to grow and evolve

As an attendee, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest technological advancements and groundbreaking ideas.

Our Stanga1 team had a chance to discover emerging companies that are revolutionizing their respective fields with innovative solutions. Whether during the event we invest in opportunities or simply looking for inspiration, DTS 2023 provides a fertile ground for connecting with like-minded individuals and exploring potential partnerships.

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