Stanga1 moves up five spots of the prestigious ranking K100: The largest companies in Bulgaria

We’re thrilled to announce that Stanga1 is again part of the prestigious ranking K100: The largest companies in Bulgaria “Capital 100” for 2022: Business in the most dynamic times.

In the last few years, the global business, therefore the Bulgarian one, has had to work in extremely dynamic and unique years. First, it survived COVID shutdowns and transport blockades, negative interest rates, and cash flows, then a sharp recovery led to deficits, disrupted supply chains, and rising costs of water transport.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine blew up the gas, electricity, and oil markets. Everything raised in price by gigantic percentages – metals, food, transport and caused inflation to accelerate all over the world.

In these crisis scenarios, the Bulgarian corporate world is doing well, and last year it showed excellent results.

Stanga1, being part of the highly dynamic software industry, is entering the ranking as one of the top 5 growing companies in this field for this year.

We’re very proud that this year Stanga1 moves up five spots and we’re also ranked among the top 28 IT companies in Bulgaria by revenue.

Many thanks to all our partners & congrats to our amazing team for the continuous effort, the high-quality results, the feel-good ambiance while working, and the great job.

Let’s keep up the awesome work!

You can find more information about the ranking  here


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