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Company Profile

Teva Pharmaceuticals has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing medications that enhance the quality of people’s lives for over a century. The company’s objective is to become a worldwide leader in generic and specialty medicines, with a collection of 3,500 products available for almost every therapeutic area. They are supported by one of the most extensive and intricate supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry.l industry. Along with an established presence in generics, Teva has significant innovative research and operations supporting its growing portfolio of specialty and biopharmaceutical products.

To keep the reliability of the services provided, the client needs to establish a team of senior experts with advanced communication skills, and strong knowledge.

Stanga1 has designed an assessment process that filters only the best candidate


Project Goals

Stanga1 has been tasked with the critical mission of finding talent for Teva in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are seeking individuals with top-notch tech and communication skills, who can seamlessly integrate into our company’s culture. We are confident that with our partnership, we will attract the best candidates and build an unbeatable team.




  • Stanga1 has meticulously developed a highly effective four-step assessment process that encompasses pre-screening, comprehensive evaluation of soft skills, rigorous technical interview, and a challenging test task.
  • Stanga1 has been successful in selecting only the most qualified candidates to assign as experts who meet the requirements of Teva.


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